Innovation Management and Corporate Sustainability
Innovation Management and Corporate Sustainability
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

The International Conference, „Innovation Management and Corporate Sustainability: New Challenges“

takes place on May 21-22, 2015 at the University of Economics, Prague. The conference is organised by the Department of Entrepreneurship of the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic; the National Research Polytechnic University in Perm, Russia; the Regional Management Centre, Russia and the WOIS Institut in Coburg, Germany.

Conference proceedings are submitted to the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) which is an integrated index within the Web of Science, Thomson Reuters. The participation is free of charge.

If you wish to participate, please, register.

IMACS Topics 2015

  1. Open innovation as a tool to win competitive advantage.
  2. New challenges in innovation management.
  3. Innovation behaviour and creativity as vehicles to organisational prosperity.
  4. Technology transfer and innovation commercialisation.
  5. Innovation and sustainable development.
  6. Innovation clusters.
  7. Innovation – metrics and benefits
  8. Innovation, education and training.
  9. Business model innovation.
  10. Innovation and regional development.
  11. Innovation in the heavy machinery and automotive industries.


The aims of the conference are:

  • to achieve academic excellence in a regional context,
  • to establish a platform for mutual collaboration, exchange and disseminate ideas among researchers, business and commercial representatives and authorities,
  • to share experiences in innovation management across regions,
  • to collaborate among all parties concerned with Open Innovation.