Innovation Management and Corporate Sustainability
Innovation Management and Corporate Sustainability
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

Heterogeneity of innovation behaviour, regional development and policy

Author: Martin Srholec

Abstract: The purpose of the presentation is to provide up to date overview of academic research on heterogeneity of innovation behaviour. More specifically, we focus on deriving lessons from research on three topics. First, we assess the variety of innovation strategies leading to success in the innovation process with the help of which we put under scrutiny one of the most influential views in the economics of innovation that differences in how firms innovate are largely explained by sectors. Second, we investigate the question whether cooperation of firms on innovation with external organizations, including the public research sector, is persistent, not only transient, mode of accessing external knowledge, hence whether stimulation of the cooperative mode has the potential to induce lasting changes in innovation behaviour. Third, we examine the literature on regional differences in innovation capabilities with an emphasis on the recent policy concept of smart specialization. Empirical evidence draws from quantitative research using firm-level micro data from innovation and R&D surveys. The presentation concludes by discussing implications and challenges from these findings for innovation policy.